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Plunged into the flesh of thine enemy 

cubes of cheddar, slices of brie 

Offended by the circumstances of his fatality 

twinkle fades from thine eyes from the push of me 


Stained of crimson, tastes of metal

spread of jam as she flames the stove for the kettle

Wicked snicker as she recalls, he’d think she would settle?

Love me or love me not but chose to stab not the pluck of petal 


Did he expect so? red trickles into the sink

as she reached me to hold, what did he think?

Did he anticipate the sharp pang? the twisting in, her wink

Now clean of his remains, as she sips her bloody drink


New task given twas a loaf of sturdy bread

If the queen of hearts had me hostage we’d off with his head

No remorse was felt, nor guilt, lacked an ounce of dread

leaned against a platter, we sigh, satisfied he’s dead     


If one is found in a midst of an overbearing strife

lied to, an act of betrayal, unruly to thine wife

Beware the dawn of an end awaits to swallow your life

For in everyones home, awaits revenge with the help of a knife

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