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Ode To Desire

Allas! Although I dread to admit 

Where thou shall be my heart, there lies a pit 

An empty pit, for you do not pity me’nough

For you find me coarse, to chew, too tough 

You’ve spat me out and left me hollow

Tugging at your brambles, I beg you to swallow 

Swallow me! Swallow me! Swallow me whole! 

Corrupt what's been corrupted! Blacken my soul!

But I see the way your brows nestle down

The way your eyes flicker about, discontempt, a frown

Great Gods? What must I commit? What must I do?

I yearn to be a Cinderella, for him to present the shoe

I am certain it will fit, it shall not be too small nor too tight

We will prance down the aisle hand in hand, it shall be alright

I will peck your mother on the cheek

A promise to her that you will no longer be meek

You need not hide those feelings that brew within

For preventing such a tale is akin to a sin

If the kettle does not begin to boil 

If you refuse to water this unattended soil

Too much cannot be said of what will occur

Of what I am capable of, whose pots I will stir

Allas! My mind has begun to dart as much as thine eyes

You have been oblivious enough, now open your ears to my cries




In the liveliest of stories, in the tales as old as time

The need to be together was so urgent, twas a crime

The princess would simply call for her prince 

He would be there swiftly, no look of regret, not a wince


“My dearest of dears you may come out”

Aware she was all he wanted, no ounce of doubt

She sprung herself wistfully into his embrace

There was not a single feature she skipped to trace


He was the result of every wish she’d made

The response from every night she’d prayed

He was an amalgamation, a bouquet, a dream

The brightest star, the most glistening beam


She was like a concoction he had created

The response to every call when he had waited

She was a delicacy, a pearl, an elegant swan

That breath that gets swept from the first glimpse of dawn


Never did she question his loyalty nor love 

Never did he fear punishment awaited by those above

They sailed night and day in each other's laughter

The originators of “Happily Ever After”




Wretched Fool! I filled my mind with muck

I must now tear myself apart pluck by pluck

Should one warn those of the dangers it may bring?

When you choose to dig in your own nails to cling

Hanging there hopelessly by a single thread 

Starving yourself purposefully, the refusal of bread

Because you are aware that this hunger is not the same

Because you are aware that this beast is not easy to tame

Oh but it does not stop it, I fret to say

Oh but it does a wither when he smiles that way

None of what the lad fancies relates to us

No matter how much we hiss, tear, or fuss

He hasn’t batted a ball to the well of your heart

He’s turned his head as you quietly tore it apart

You can curse all the stories and books as you wish

You can curse all those silly fairies, kings, & golden fish

Not everyone finds themselves in such disparity 

You may lie to yourself that your condition isn’t a rarity 

But as you walk around and you see hands in interlock

And as you walk around more, the kisses, they mock!

Mock me! Mock me! Make of me as you will!

I know of my patheticness, my inability to thrill 

I will simply create an illusion to bandage my dread

So I may at least rock myself peacefully, more easier to bed

It mustn't be too hard to create sparks for a fire 

As I have already been engulfed in the reds of desire 


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