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Red stains the bathroom sink.

The water floods yet I don’t blink,

splattered on the mirror, it covers a tile.

I stay there standing, keeping still for a while.

Red, my reflections red

an unwanted reminder that they're dead.

And though the red from my hands are long gone,

the feeling of guilt sets on me like dawn.

Wails, sobs, their cries echo in my ears

a sudden outpour of agony, an overload of fears.

Terror, terror, I tremble and shake

slipping, falling into the red lake.

My mind’s corrupt, I’m doomed with sin,

my heart’s pounding from the devil’s grin.

Clenched fists pound agains’t the mirror, knuckles bare.

The torment seeps in as I fist through my hair

Murder, murder, theres no going back.

Red flows from the glass and into the crack

it’s everywhere, everywhere, a never ending drip.

I shudder from the taste of metal on my lip.

I’m locked and trapped, theres no where to turn,

envisions in hell where I’ll eternally burn.

Perish, perish, I wish to disappear

dreading the outside, doomsday is near.

No one shall see me, I’m a walking shame,

consider it unholy to speak my name.

An eerie sensation as I creep out the door.

Eyes avert away from the scenery of gore.

I shake the idea, let my mind go to blank.

Suddenly taken aback from the unexpected clank,

a familiar wail of sirens, flashes of red.

An unwanted reminder that they want me dead.

Lilit D Hands v2.JPG
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