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Pondering with an Omelet

Lonely Lonely Lilit

Stares intensely at the omelet on her skillet

The yolk seems to simmer 

As her state of mind grows grimmer

Who am I? She thinks

Why am I? She blinks

What provoked my dear mother 

To stare at a new born baby and think , "Lilit!" I wonder


Is there a certain way all Lilit’s look?

Did she stumble upon Lilith from the religious book? 

She furrows her brow

As she ponders how

Would she be if her name wasn’t so 

Would she still be as nostalgic, finding it hard to let go? 


The butter is now brown

But Lilit turns to her dog with a frown

Tommy, Do you care for your name? 

Or would you still wag your tail the same? 

Although my name suits me don’t you agree? 

I think I’m very Lilit. I think I’m very me.  


She should have flipped the omelet long ago 

But she suddenly feels inspired, a spark to her ego

Oh it’s such a delight to hear the L and the Is and the Ts! 

In fact I want to go out. Go out and make sure my names heard across all the seven seas 


Just imagine Tommy! All that I can discover!

Perhaps my name means something I couldn’t have imagined for another

Her heavy boots now laced even as the sun beams outside 

Nows my time she gleams, what have I got to hide? 


But before Lilit can embark on her own very own tale

Before she can shake hands with fellow Lilit’s and wave hello to a friendly whale

Smoke Alarms blare and smog clouds over her dainty vision 

Questioning her identity with a pan upon flame was not her wisest decision 

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