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A fare warning to those who expect an other side

Dear fellow I regret to tell you, everyone of them has lied

There exists no heaven, there is nothing such as hell

If you chose not to believe me, be sure that time will tell

For when your heart’s pitter patter becomes a stillness, on hold

When your arteries are functionless, nerves at rest, body cold

Your brain may tease with a few

solid memories and a goodbye

Perhaps a chance for a tear to trickle from your eye 

But be sure, once the expiration date for your system is met

This is not an occasion when one assures, “do not fret”


It is merely a void, the state of nothing, darkness to behold

Truly the bibles the greatest fairytale every told 

And you’d wish you can think back to the days full of color

When there was more then just black, the shining presence of another

You shallow being, there is no such a thing as a thought

For how can one be formulated when your mind has rot

Even your physical essence will blend in with the soil

It not matter if you were poor, striving endlessly or a royal

Your new company consists of worms, remnants of pale bone

No angels with harps, no devil with his horns,

You will soon discover, the idea of what awaits death is overblown. 

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